They still have drinking fountains at the symphony.

I went to see Bond and Beyond last night.  As the name suggests, it’s music from the James Bond movies and some other spy sounding music they threw in.  The Phoenix Symphony knows what they are doing and the woman singing was sensational.  I think it’s the first time I’ve heard someone sing Goldfinger without giggling.

It was a much needed fun spontaneous night, and Michael earned major points.

Side note, our wedding song was All Time High, which is from a Bond movie, so I’m a little mushy for Bond.

We ate at The Parlor, which is always a good time, and bid farewell to our friend Travis.  He is leaving for Memphis in a few days.  So, good company, excellent food, great music, but the highlight…the drinking fountains.

During intermission we wanted a drink, but the line was too long, so we turned and found drinking fountains sticking right out of the wall.  It was sort of like pay phone nostalgic.  There was one for little people and one for taller people.  I took the short one.

Michael and I stood side by side in our semi-dressed up clothes, pressed the buttons and drank.

I felt like I was eight years old.  It was so much fun that we went back two more times.  The water was cold and refreshing. I think because I knew there wasn’t an endless supply, that I could only have so much, I enjoyed every drop.

I drink water all the time, but somehow standing over a stream of water with my fish lips was fun and silly.  I even had to wipe my mouth a bit when I was done.  The music was fantastic and I’m still pretty crazy about Michael after all these years, but I’m not sure the evening would have been the same without the drinking fountains.

I need to make a point to find more drinking fountains.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Not Too Much Water Before Bed.

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