Memorial: Something, especially a structure, a reminder of a person or event.

Today we are set to remember the people that have fought and died in the service of our military, our country.

There are all sorts of memorials, all over the world, made of every material imaginable.  Cold marble or granite, strong steel, copper, elemental and hard.  They stand tall, etched with words meant to heal or inspire, to commemorate the conflicts and the loss.

Many people pass them on their way to work, but most of us notice them, stand in front of them, on vacation or class trips.  We celebrate the brave that gave their lives with pomp, sweeping patriotism, and barbecues.

I don’t think about the men and women that have died fighting in our country’s wars, for it’s causes, every day, or even every month.  I cried walking through the Korean Memorial in Washington D.C. and ran my hand along the names carved into the Vietnam Wall.  I have never lost anyone to war, but the names, the hollow eyes of the statues, the photographs of battle are…awful and heartbreaking, scary and cold.

People are warm bodies, faces full of expression.  Hugs, holds, kisses, foreheads resting, breathtaking, soft, gentle moments.  A uniform doesn’t change that.  People don’t become robots, super heroes, they still have a soft center when they are sent into the unthinkable.  They are not statues.

Perhaps when we loose them, when they are taken from us, all we are left with is the empty cold and the hope that they were strong and brave and the cause was worth the sacrifice of their wonderful warmth.  Perhaps that’s why we build statues, memorials.

Today I will take a moment and try to connect with the millions of lives, chances, family barbecues lost to the ravages of war and conflict.  I won’t be able to comprehend it all, my mind will shut down at some point, my stomach will turn a little, and it will make me so very sad.

Wishing comfort and warmth to the families of these lost lives.  To the men and women still in harm’s way…Be Safe and God’s Speed.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Warm Bed.

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