I used to wear overalls.

I don’t anymore.  I can’t figure out if I stopped wearing them because they became off trend, or if I just decided they were no longer a good look for me.  Also, why don’t I roll my jeans anymore?  Is that because no one else is doing it anymore, so I stopped?

That would make me sort of a lemming, a slave to what other people are doing.  I’m not happy with that image of myself.  In fact, I reject it, it must be something else.  I’m not trendy, I never have been, so if I liked overalls in 1987, what’s wrong with them now?

First thought, they’re juvenile.  I’m not a teenager anymore.  I’m older, more sophisticate, apart from the fact that I pretty much wear jeans every day.  So, jeans can be sophisticated.  My tastes have just changed and I no longer think the whole bib thing works.  It has nothing to do with trend, or what others are doing.

I can change my mind.  Certainly my prerogative.  I’ve grown up, that’s exactly what it is.

Perfect.  I feel better, resolved.

Now I just need to figure out why I stopped rolling my jeans in the 80s, but lately I’ve started rolling them again with heels. The rolling stopped when I went to college.  I remember it vividly.

I stopped because no one was…Oh, damn it.  I am a lemming.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Everyone Else is Asleep.


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  1. DUNGAREES! I love dungarees, I was always in them when I was little, but it has been pretty much impossible to buy them in my size since I was about six. I just bought some at the start of summer because apparently they’re back in fashion. (at least in England). I love them, comfy, cozy, (apparently) fashionable and just the best outfit ever. AND the cuffs are rolled. So, you know, just wear what you want because it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks.

  2. To me, the real lemmings are those who do the lemming dances….you know, line dances (Electric slide and all the rest). It is not just because everyone squeals, gets up, and does them, but it is the serious intensity that is seen on every face. Shouldn’t dancing be joyful and not a cult? My thoughts…nan

  3. If I could look like Demi Moore in Ghost in overalls, then I might consider them again. But, I think my late 20s was my last dance with overalls. They’ve not looked the same since. I may have to have a glass of wine to mark that passing this evening:).

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