Ring It Out

I watch Downton Abbey.

When I’m in between seasons, it’s like being apart from my super hot British boyfriend who has to return to study at Oxford.  I miss it, I long to return to our time together and nothing else fills the void.

I’m not a huge television watcher.  In fact, I rarely watch anything on the actual television.  I’m a buy the season and watch late at night when my own writing is going nowhere kind of girl.  Downton, Sherlock and Endeavor are exceptional television and if I had to change my schedule, make time to sit in front of the big box, I think I would for these three.

I even like the opening of Downton.  I love the bell board and the juxtaposition of the apron world and the sparkley dress world.  Fantastic writing and even more wonderful is the complete emersion in another time, world.  It is a joy.  Except for the episode where we lost Sibyl.  That was plain awful and poor Tom, my God, and then to have that little manipulative…sorry, moving on.

The new season starts in January, so I’ve started anticipating.  Maybe, on occasion, I hum of the opening song.

I was thinking about the bell board today.  The idea of ringing a bell to summon someone.  Odd concept for me because I’ve never had a…staff.

At first it seems demeaning, ringing for another human being, but upon further thought, I decided it was sort of lovely.  Ringing is better than yelling or snapping.  It’s certainly not as annoying as clapping or buzzing.  Ringing is a little jingle.  Not as long as a song, it’s short and sweet.  It’s civilized.

Even commoners, such as myself here in the colonies, use bells.  Door bells are a sort of calling, dings on my iPhone or even a ringing telephone is a request for attention.  No one comes running with tea, but it’s similar.

I like bells.  All of my ringers, notifications, are simple bells.  I don’t go for the drawn out songs and I’m super crabby when someone has that “please enjoy this song while your call is connected.”  It’s too much.  A simple tinkling bell works best of me.

If I lived at Downton, I would definitely want to be downstairs and not just for the bells.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Good Evening.


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  1. I should get a ‘Tea’ bell! That would actually be useful and relevant to my life haha! Here in the Uk we get to watch it in September, so I shall try and refrain from dropping hints all over my blog (although, I shan’t promise not to gloat!)

  2. Omigosh
    That one with Sybil just about did me in…
    While I’m no longer living somewhere with a tv, watching Downton was like being with dear people.
    (Right there with you with the bells.)

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