Sock Puppets

When did socks start having a left and a right?  More importantly, why do I feel like it’s wrong to put an R on my left foot and vise versa?

It’s the day before Thanksgiving.  No, I am not in the holiday spirit, so stop smiling, stop playing Christmas music before it’s even Thanksgiving, and it is my sincerest wish that all of the electricity goes out all over The United States of America on Black Friday.  Maybe then people will return home, light a candle, and have a cup of cocoa instead of beating each other up over some “thing” they don’t really need.

Good, now that that’s out, back to the socks.

I’ve noticed lately that my socks, the ones I wear with tennis shoes, or hiking, have a really comfy band right below the ball of my foot which is great.  I like that new feature.  They also have a Right and a Left indicated by a…well, R and L.

Socks sort of free float in our house.  We have a sock basket and while I try to keep my socks separate from the general family sock population, sometimes I just throw them in my drawer, or on top of the dryer.  Since the introduction of R and L, I’ve noticed that I have to have an R and an L to make a pair.  The R always goes on my right foot and the L always goes on my left foot.  I check, I make sure.  When the hell did this happen?

Yesterday, I pulled out two Rs and thought about just wearing an R on my left foot.  Couldn’t do it.  Not sure what that says about me and or if there’s a deeper meaning.  Maybe there’s an underlying corporate control thing going on with these foot tailored socks.  Whatever it is, I’m a bit annoyed.  Like I need any more rules.

Wishing everyone a peaceful, parade, pie, family, friends, thankful day.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Sleep on the Right Side.

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  1. Yeah, have noticed a few Rs and Ls, but I ignore them. I just put them on without paying attention. Not going to get all freaked over this. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Congrats on the new book as well. ~nan

  2. As one of those who will be pulling up to the fire and sipping my cocoa, applause applause if you’re doing the same:). Hopefully you’ll have your socks on the right feet. Sheesh:).

  3. As usual, you hit the words right on, Tracy! I didn’t know socks were now labeled R and L–heck with that nonsense.
    But I do wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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