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Cling to what is good.

Someone said that, or wrote it. Maybe it was in the Bible, or from one of those philosophers with the names I can’t pronounce. I’m not sure and it doesn’t really matter. It is sound advice wherever it came from.

I think the first word makes the whole sentence . . . cling. Life can be a suckfest at times and there are plenty of opportunities to drown in the bad and blah, and even the “eh” moments. On the flip side, we are inundated with hopeful, peppy, life affirming stupid that is of no help when trying to navigate.

Words are nothing more than pretty window dressing unless they can be put into action. No matter how colorful the poster, or how lovely the script, words mean nothing unless they slip under the surface to touch a human part.

Cling is super visceral for me.

Maybe because I’ve clung both mentally and physically in my life. I can touch that word. I know what it is to not only reach or hold, but to cling to something, occasionally someone. Just the thought of the word is powerful enough to jump my pulse or even make me cry.

There’s a desperation in cling that I can understand.

In my second half of life, I’m trying to avoid desperation. I’m more interested in securing myself a “fuck you” position, as the movie The Gambler teaches, but I’m pretty sure there’s always a tiny drawer of desperate cling in all life.

Desperation seems born of the uncontrollable and life, well life is all about out of control. I tend to cling when I’m overwhelmed, or maybe a bit lost.

Cling to what is good.

What a great string of words. There’s no bullshit in that phrase, it’s simple and it’s doable. When parts of life are yucky, we humans can look around, not for a bottle or a pizza, or a fight, but the good. What’s working. A look, a hand, a breeze, a breath, a break, no matter how small, we can cling and wait for the yuck to pass right over.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Spoon.


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  1. That’s so true. And so beautifully, as usual. Your blogs inspire me. They give me positivity in an otherwise slightly bleak world. Thank you for writing and for putting yourself out there. I know sometimes it isn’t easy…but I wanted to let you know that it’s appreciated. 🙂

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