Still Sorting

I am normally all about the last minute.

Down to the wire, middle of the night, go-time, crunch time. Whatever phrase someone wants to put on it, I’m that girl.

Plans start off the same as every other normal organized human being, but somewhere along the way I get lost. I’m susceptible to shiny lights and the slightest distraction until before I know it, I’m there at the very last moment.

But, I have a feeling this new year will be different. I have been thinking about it for weeks. My calendar, and all of the things I am doing to prepare for a fantastic organized 2017.

I don’t make resolutions, but if I did, every year it would be the same one— Stop procrastinating until the last minute.

It’s stressful at the end, which is why things need to change.

I need to plot and look a month ahead, two maybe, three would be ideal. Maybe I need a large wall calendar with boxes and dry-erase markers. Or, a desk calendar and colorful pens.

New year, three-hundred and sixty-five days to get it right this time. No stress, no more putting things off. There are apps and that program that shuts the internet off for periods of time to avoid distraction. So many tools to help keep me on track. This will be a good year.

I have Evernote. I should look into color-coded notes and notebooks for every facet of my life, really get a system this year. Yes, that’s what I need—a system—and then smaller systems within the larger one that is my life. Now I’m onto something.

Okay, good. I am going to get those things in place before January 1st.

I just quickly need to get rid of the candy wrappers from my desk drawer because healthy eating is on the list of improvements too. That will only take a minute and then all I have left is to sort and file the papers on my desk.

Oh, and there are a few hundred emails that must be ordered or deleted.  I’ll have that done by lunchtime and then I’ll move on to my closet.

What should I have for lunch? It’s raining so I should have a cozy lunch. Maybe I’ll Google “the best lunches for a rainy day.” I have time for that.

But, first I need to write a blog post. The one that was supposed to be done last week, but there were bathroom drawers to contend with and putting all of the ribbon back in order after Christmas was certainly a priority.

The good news is, it seems I’m ahead of the game because I had time to go to the movies yesterday. 2017 is going to be the best year for me. Over the next few days, I’ll get the rest of my list done, create my master system, and be more than ready.

Wait. Why does it say I’m posting this on 12/31?

That can’t be right.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Overslept.

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  1. Oh, you have described my creative brain to a T:). And I do believe the world spins a little more beautifully because of people like us. Even though it would fall off its axis if it were up to us to maintain it:).

  2. Happy New Year D. G.
    2017 is full of hopes and new dreams. The thing you did not write is that with all that you have on your plate, you always manage to prioritize correctly. Love, Sita

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