Apparently traditional tampons contain chemicals.

Sorry male readers, you might want to skip this post or use it as an opportunity to get over the whole, “eww tampons” business. I’m sure the females in your life will appreciate the effort.

Back on topic, tampons, as in the materials that make up the things, have chemicals according to some article I read. They are not regulated by the FDA, which is strange since they are literally put inside female bodies.

I really need to work on not reading things and then spending half my day researching and creating a life plan based on the information some college intern probably posted on a lifestyle feed I’ll never be able to find again.

Focus is not my strong suit to begin with, so those extra little “you might also be interested in this” links are a killer. Last week I was almost convinced tomatoes were bad for me until my brain kicked in and said, “Hello, tomatoes are natural, and they’re yummy. You love tomatoes. Maybe eliminate putting sugar in your iced tea just so you can suck it off the bottom with your straw. Start there.”

When I pay attention to my instincts I am usually okay, but the tampon thing got me. I’m convinced now that I have been plugging up every month with something from the asbestos family.

I knew about toxic shock, but bleach and other chemicals in the… girl parts and the parts of my daughters took me on a journey that lasted at least four hours. After reading that they were toxic, that they weren’t, that some of them are but some of them aren’t, that it’s all a game to create a new industry and there is nothing wrong with traditional tampons, I needed a nap.

Too much information, if some day I am sitting in my office blubbering and talking to myself the culprit will be too much information.

After hemming and some hawing, I decided to buy organic tampons. More accurately, I subscribed to an organic tampons service because the little starter kit came with this carrying case for my purse and they match my order by supplying tampons to women in India. Apparently, people period-shame in India and girls are forced to stay at home. I will be sure to look into that more during my next four-hour block.

The tampon service is kind of cool if tampons can be cool. I figure why not err on the side of safety when it comes to the nether region. That makes me either a silly sheep mesmerized by supreme marketing or a well-informed super hero that just saved myself and my daughters from years of toxic infestation all while helping my womenkind in India stand tall.

I’m okay with either scenario. Did I mention the cute carrying case?

My thoughts from the laundry room. Get in Bed.




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  1. I love this! Tampons, and sanitary towels all have bleach in them to make them white and ‘look clean’ which can cause TSS which can actually kill you. They also go into landfill and if every woman who is using them uses disposable ones, just imagine how much of landfill sites is full of bleached cotton and plastic.
    I use cloth pads now, I have a cup too, but I use the pads more now. You just throw them in the wash when you’re done with them and put them away for next time. (The cups you boil in water,or just soak in lemon juice)
    They also come with a cute carry case…

  2. Thank you for the great article . You are right on target on the information overload and we the people being sold to .
    We are looking for the next best thing…
    Style, comfort, entertainment ,you name it.

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