What did we do before Ziploc bags?

I have a fuzzy memory of a bag with a fold-over tab, which was crazy inefficient because stuff fell right out. I have a clear memory of scoffing at such a bag while wondering why a Ziploc was not used instead. For some reason, a lot of my bag memories involve things not sandwich-related even though before “hand me a Ziploc,” I used to say, “get me a sandwich bag.”

Name brand substitution for the actual object, using bags for things unintended, the whole “what did we do before…” phenomenon. There is so much going on in this post already.

I can not remember the last time I put a sandwich in a clear plastic bag. I’m sure it was when my kids were younger and I packed their lunches. My last remaining bird eats… something for lunch. I actually have no idea what the child eats for lunch. She comes and goes in a blur of red curls and shorts that seem to have been gnawed by a wild animal. She frequents Starbucks often, so I’m guessing most of her meals take place there.

The point, if it is still possible to have one, is that I can not remember the last time I put bread in a plastic bag. I just used a bag to pack away the fake sod I use for my Halloween houses. Before that, I put Jack’s treats in a smaller version so I didn’t get crumbs all over my purse. I don’t really eat bread anymore, so maybe that is a simple explanation.

By the way, plastic bags are Ziploc bags. It doesn’t matter the brand. Although, I don’t like generic things. I’m a slave to bright colors and pretty logos, but we don’t have time to discuss that because this post is already chock-full of stuff.

It is curious that a popular brand is suddenly substituted for an item that comes with different brand names. Kleenex, Windex, iPod. I guess some things just win out in the advertising game and leave the rest in the dust. No one ever says, “hand me my digital music player.”

I’m sure it is difficult if you are a plastic bag maker with a zipper-like enclosure and no one recognizes your brand. Worse if your bags are better than the popular Ziploc brand.

Oh well, such is life.

What did we do before…

iPhones? We had bad flip phones in bad colors. Before that? We pulled our car over to a gas station and, careful to avoid the chewed gum, used a pay phone. Before pay phones took debit cards? We used quarters and when the call to convince your mom you should be able to stay out later ran too long? The operator recording came on and asked for more quarters.

Seriously. That’s what we did before iPhones. If you can remember back to an actual person coming on the line to ask for more quarters, you are glitter and gold stars.

Before Ziploc bags?

Life was dark and full of things dropping all over the floor. Ziploc bags are the bomb (Do people still say that?) I have them in all four sizes. Quart-size is my favorite. Bigger than a sandwich, but just right for all those items unrelated.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Sleeping Bags.

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  1. ‪I remember always calling my mom “collect” from the pay phone to pick me up after the movies. I’d quickly record “mom pick me up!” instead of my name. Couldn’t spare a quarter for a phone call, but didn’t think twice about spending $4 on a small soda 😉 ‬

  2. So I need to know what prompted this treatise on baggies:). That’s what we called them before Ziploc bags. I know because my mother said it with a Midwestern accent, exaggerating the a sound.

  3. I remember those days well. Now, superman, has no where to change his outfit from mild manner reporter to the man of steel. i remember the dog in the shoe, I cannot believe I ate the whole thing, and many companies who died a nasty death. I remember when malls were safe and filled with stores. Now they are empty and falling apart. I remember before Amazon delivered. I remember cameras that took pictures. You pulled the fill and it developed in front of your eyes. Ah, I remember it well.

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