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Some mornings I wake up with too many thoughts. It does not happen all the time, but today I am sharing the randomness of my head.

You’re welcome in advance.

It occurs to me that Twitter used to be this cool indie friend who only said a few words and was nothing like the uber-popular friend Facebook who never shut the hell up and took up the entire lunch period with some nonsense about her new hair care products. Twitter was stealth with quick wit or a goofy eye roll.

That was before our sleazy president hopped on and began spreading his yuck ugly all over the place. As if that wasn’t enough, now they have expanded the tweet word limit so Twitter is saying more and now she’s attracting some of the popular girls. Sigh. I really wish she would go back to sharing half of her sandwich at lunch and painting her nails black.

After sipping my tea this morning, I thought— I wish I could drink tea all day and every day. Then I realized I can. That made me smile.

I am still reading my daily quotes from The Stoics. Today was Seneca. I used to crush on Epictetus, but the more I read, Seneca seems downright approachable. Today was all about knowing your path and eliminating distractions that cause you to swerve around. It’s a lot to take in, but I’m pretty sure my dog Jack knows his way and is a practicing stoic, so there is hope for me.

I paint my nails a dark almost-black, but it’s purple. Should I keep doing that or switch to this new nude matte polish that I found when I was on Pinterest allowing outside influences to mess up my path?

Why do I keep thinking the natural laundry detergent will clean my clothes and not just make everything smell like a weekend camping trip?

And finally, after the oatmeal was eaten (By the way if you haven’t tried Mush overnight oats, you really should. Unless that’s not your path and then just do you.) and I was two cups of tea into my morning,  it dawned on me that I have to exercise. Again.

No matter how hard I try, that sucker punch never goes away. Maybe I could divert my true nature, as Seneca says, toward an elastic waistband. I’ll think on that some more.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Rise and Shine.

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  1. I love this, Tracy, every word and thought. Regarding elastic waistbands: I used to wonder why my mother, after a certain age, would only wear pants with them. I understand now. Fortunately, my options are much more stylish than hers were (Blessings on the folks who realized that cotton and lycra were a match made in heaven), but still, I totally get it…and my body is thanking me big time. Here’s to comfort AND style!

  2. Exercise. Sigh. I get it. Why not one and done, right? Like an ice cream cone goes to your hips. Go for the new polish–light. I just want lightness, don’t you? And I’m sticking with that damn natural laundry detergent until they get it right. At least I know I’m not killing fish.

  3. While I could never support Pinterest influencing ~anything~, I’m always in favor of nude, whether you’re talking matted nails or anything else, for that matter. I mean, there’s something to said for purple but, well, nude is nude. Nude is good. Wait, have I made that clear? Nude, please.

  4. Liked all your random thoughts–guess that makes us either “normal” or “weird”. My exercise plans kind of got sabotaged with a flu-bug attacking my gym buddies and me–so definitely elastic waistbands. Comfort rules. . .

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