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Things are far better today than they were years ago.

Today’s music is just as good, if not better than, The Stones, Bob Dylan, and Elvis.

The benefits of technology far outway the blown-out-of-proportion drawbacks.

Netflix and Bitmojis are like glitter. Not necessary, but kind of fun.

Today’s children believe respect is earned. The word “family” continues to grow into a full tree. Assholes are called out on camera now, or on Twitter. 😉

Taking it all into consideration, the best time in our history, in our country, in our world is right now.

Whew! I’ll give the Boomers a minute to let that sink in.

True, children have their faces in their phones. But they are also speaking up, choosing substance over money, and documenting all of it.

They are obsessed with their latest game or selfie, but kids before them were dying in workhouses, wetting their pants over The Beatles or smoking cloves. Girls were relegated to dresses and the counting method. Boys were told not to cry and that they existed only to provide.

People today boldly carry the torch of previous generations and challenge the establishment even more, regardless of hair color, skin color, face piercings, spoken language or whom they choose to love.

We don’t have room for cultural tourniquets anymore. People who have been isolated and excluded for years are now standing taller, supporting one another, and rejecting the idiocy of the word “normal.”

The excitement of now doesn’t just stop at our people.

The arts are more diverse and more available than ever before. I’m thrilled I am no longer at the mercy of gatekeepers who define what is good. There are dozens of ways to find music, movies, books, and television programs.

One word, podcasts. Right?

Our now is fantastic. Hang on, I have more.

The internet allows small businesses, knitters, welders, and potters the flexibility to work for themselves.

Soldiers and grandparents can see their families when they are too far to visit.

One political term or exploitive news cycle does not change the fact that we are global. We can see around the world, the good and the struggle. We can engage, call for change, and strive to be better citizens.

In what other time in history have we been more aware of our food, our planet or where the perverts, cheaters, and bullies hide?

Things are becoming unaltered and less homogenized every day.

There will always be problems. But the direction for our best version is never in the past, it is forward.

I am reading Happiness is a Choice You Make by John Leland. It centers around time spent and interviews with the “oldest old.” The author spoke with a man in his eighties who when asked the best time in his life, replied, “Right now.”

Hell, yeah. Here’s to now.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Get Up.






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  1. The author spoke with a man in his eighties who when asked the best time in his life, replied, “Right now.”

    Hell, yeah. Here’s to now.

    My thoughts from the laundry room. Get Up.

    Here, here… Here’s to NOW. ‘Now’ deserves a standing ovation. I think you just did that! Thank you. Here’s looking at you. Now is all there is. Now is all we got control over. I wish you Miracles, Selma.

  2. My goodness, Tracy–this was beautifully expressed! Think positive and live in the moment. and onwards. . . .
    Thank you for putting this down in black and white

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