I don’t know what I am doing.

You’ll say that’s not true, or I’m “taking a break,” but yesterday I practiced my print handwriting. I practiced it all day.

I made tea. Got out a notebook and practiced my letters. Height, spacing, different pens, you name the variation, and I was working it.

This may have started when I decided to improve my handwriting a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to slow down and make my writing more legible, which goes hand-in-hand with my desire to send more notes and cards, but that’s a crazy train for another time.

Back to improving my cursive. I bought a handwriting book. Like the ones in grammar school, but this one was for adults.

Narrower lines and adult passages. “Feel a cool breeze blowing gently,” instead of “Bobby bounced the ball.”

Same awkward, but mature and lots of oceans and food.

Sometimes I google weird things just to see if they are available. Barbecue flavored honey or a chair that smells like lavender all the time. Both of those exist, by the way, in case you’ve wondered too.

The handwriting workbook came from one such search. How do I improving my handwriting as an adult?

Up popped the results and because we live in a one-click world, I became the proud owner of Cursive Handwriting Practice – Workbook for Adults. One-hundred and sixteen pages, the last one captioned, “What’s on your mind? Grab a pen and paper. Psychologists have found that writing down your thoughts may help you feel better.”

I. Don’t. Know. What. I. Am. Doing.

That’s what I wrote. All these years and I still struggle with the capital D. I don’t want to put the little loop at the bottom. The loop feels weird, but when I wrote my “thought,” I looped the D because the book said to do it that way.

Still odd.

I didn’t do the whole workbook because it turns out my handwriting is decided, and all those lines give me a headache.

I can improve by slowing down. I should slow down.

So, I recycled the workbook and decided to practice my printing instead on my own. No book this time, although I’m sure there’s one out there.

I have some weird dips and size issues with my printing. I wanted to see if I could get all uniform, make things more attractive for those cards I’m going to send. That’s what I did yesterday.

Oh, and I updated my Bitmoji to reflect the 1/2 inch that my hair has grown.

Maybe I need to start my next writing project. Well, not hand-writing, but typing on my computer.

I’m not sure I am a person who thrives during downtime.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Long Summer Nap.

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  1. Oh, I miss having moodling time! I think what you’re doing is akin to shutting your brain off–meditating. Letting muscle memory take over. I think it’s a good thing:). Enjoy it.

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