Red Pants

I just want to stay put and listen to the birds, but I have to go.

There are things to do and moving on to get moving. I have always felt my life was a bit hectic. I’m never quite ready. Never that final spray of perfume. I’m more of a jumbled one-shoe-still-off-on-my-way-out-the-door sort of person.

Lately, I have been slowing down to almost still. It is nice. Peace and a denim shirt have served me well for almost a year.

But life thrives in motion. I know from deep experience. I can roll with it or be left behind. Not that being left behind is the worst thing. Unless you’re me. I can’t be the one on the wall. I need to go forward whether my earrings are on or not.

We are just getting started, but I already have thoughts.

I will treasure the quiet once the noise is back. I will glance over my shoulder at this time and remember the calm of morning and the thrill of the untamed.

The birds build their nest every spring, grow their babies, and fly off to new adventures. New nests.

Time is ticking whether I take the batteries out or not so I’m splashing water on my face. Getting ready.

I’m not sure where we are going. It might be ten miles or ten hours. No need to know right now. I’m certain it will be fun. I can always count on laughter.

I’m lucky that way.

The sign is up. The sun is out. I am wind at my back, singing while I dust, and preparing my wings. The birds have taught me well.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Sleeping Bag.

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  1. You always have such a unique turn of phrase: “I can’t be the one on the wall. I need to go forward whether my earrings are on or not.” Beautifully written, yet again.

  2. I love the quiet times in life, those interstices between its relentless forward motion. Like you, I remind myself how much I’ll treasure them once I dive back into the maelstrom. Enjoy and guard your peace.

  3. You’re at peace with yourself and that’s what counts. The denim shirt is comfy and looks good on you, so go out there and enjoy your new adventures. There’s lots to see 🙂

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