Yesterday, I fell on my face.

For real. This isn’t some lavish metaphor.

I walked Jack, helping him navigate his usual sense that the other dogs were out to kill me or destroy the world, when a rogue Boxer came out of nowhere behind us.

The rest of the memory speeds up from here. Jack turned in a panic. I kept moving forward while the leash wrapped around my leg, and well, I fell onto my face.

Typing this through an impressive black eye and wondering exactly how much Advil is too much Advil, a few things become apparent about yesterday’s smackdown.

My body is Jenga. It looks pretty solid and assembled, but one slip, one moment of canine confusion, and I am an Airpods-flying jumbled mess of a body. And wow, those crumbling bones are traumatic when they thud to Earth.

Another thing, some people are kind. Nowhere near all people (the woman with the Boxer was long gone), but some shine. The man who kept Jack calm while gathering my headphones and helping me stand was one such star.

And finally, embarrassment is a silly luxury we entertain when we are not careening toward the concrete. I’m a bit of a klutz. I’ve fallen multiple times, and not once have I ever been concerned about what people thought.

When I fall, I’m solely in my lane and my life. This time, I held tight to Jack’s leash and hoped my cheekbone could handle one more beating without a visit to the emergency room.

It’s all me, utterly unaware of any external judgments.

Well, look at that — a metaphor. Maybe I should fall more often.

Probably not a good idea. At some point, these cheekbones are going to declare enough is enough.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Fall asleep.

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  1. I’m glad that your fall didn’t cause any serious damage. After I turned 40-ish, falling became one of my worst fears. I’m now 66 and the fear hasn’t gotten any less. I took a bad fall back in August but fortunately I landed solidly on my well padded bottom and didn’t break anything. I was at a friend’s house and they helped me get up. 🙂

  2. I agree with Ron–am so sorry you took a tumble, but am so glad there was someone looking out for you and Jack. I’m glad nothing got broken. I fell on my face once and had to go to an important dinner afterwards—-I wasn’t a pretty sight but no one forgot my name! Take care, Tracy. . .

  3. TG the damage was limited to your poor cheek bones, and, ill bet, your body isn’t a fan either.
    Not a fan people who let their dogs run off leash, while walking!
    The number of truly “voice command” controlled dogs I’ve met in ALL my years of walking can be counted on two fingers!

  4. Didn’t really “Like” this, but…
    I’m glad the damage wasn’t more severe. I think if I fell – no matter how hard or far – I’d be one badly broken old geezer.
    Advil up, Sister. And be CAREFUL!!

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