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Birthday Suit

I had a spray tan for the first time yesterday. If you know me, I’ll pause and give you a moment to laugh your ass off.  Okay, moving on. I’m Irish and German, probably the last two nationalities that come to mind when you think gorgeous cocoa butter skin.  Not a lot of us in…

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Express Wash

Patience is something I do not have… I am not a patient person and there has been some fallout. I am not a good cook. I cook everything on high and I rush putting the meal together because I do not have patience. My children look at me sometimes like I am a raving lunatic…

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Folded Towels

Summer is over and my children went back to school yesterday. The first day of school is always an emotional and exciting time for me. My children…yeah, they are just excited. It is a time to reflect on the past school year and summer and also look forward to all of the wonderful things ahead.…

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