Folded Towels

Summer is over and my children went back to school yesterday. The first day of school is always an emotional and exciting time for me. My children…yeah, they are just excited.

It is a time to reflect on the past school year and summer and also look forward to all of the wonderful things ahead. I am so proud of my children. They are all exceptional human beings.

It is my son’s first year with a locker, so he was quite stressed. We created a “system” for him so he would remember which books to bring to each class. Color coded. One big binder with all of his pocket folders labeled with his class. That binder goes to every class with him. This was met with some resistance, “What if I do not need everything in the binder?” “It will keep everything together, Trust me!” I respond. Then, there are the book covers that correspond with the folders. I realize I sound a little Howard Hughes, but one of the great challenges in life as a child or an adult is coming up with a “system”. So, let’s say it is time for Spanish. He goes to his locker, brings the binder, which has the red Spanish Folder and the Red Covered Text Book. Boom! So far so good, I know it is just the second day, but I am an optimist!

Systems are key to maintaining your sanity at work, school, home, with children or without, and the systems we choose tell a lot about who we are as people. Take my husband for example, his system is a yellow pad. That is it! A yellow pad. No binder organizer, palmPilot, nothing…just a yellow pad. He starts everyday with a list. Most of the list is for work, but there are a few items separated on the bottom that are things he needs to do for home. Crazy right? But that is who he is. Cut to the chase. Get it done.

I am the queen of organization. I have expandable files, I have a Treo Phone for my schedule that syncs with my calendar at work. I have a calendar here in the laundry room. My systems have systems. That is who I am, I need the environment, all the bells and whistles. I am a feel good, touchy feely kind of person. I use way too many words and I talk alot. I am always late. So.

What civilized human being uses a yellow pad as their “system”? Michael does, and the worst part of all is the man is always on time, never forgets to make phone calls, or follow up on projects. It really pisses me off. My only saving grace is I look much more important that he does. Ha! That is all from the laundry room tonight.

Wishing you Organized Thoughts Tonight!

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