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Front Loader

I always sat in the front of the room. The front was the power position. Where the talented people sat. New school year, impossible project, new job anywhere, I boldly walked to the front.¬†Convinced the world needed me and that I needed recognition. My notes were works of art, everything dotted and crossed. If someone…

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I’ve always liked cops. I’m not just talking about the pulse jumping SWAT guys that frequent my Starbucks. ¬†Even when I’m caught speeding, which does happen occasionally, I still like cops. I freely admit when I’ve broken the law and I’ve grown up having a clear understanding between right and wrong. Not that I always…

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Folded Towels

Summer is over and my children went back to school yesterday. The first day of school is always an emotional and exciting time for me. My children…yeah, they are just excited. It is a time to reflect on the past school year and summer and also look forward to all of the wonderful things ahead.…

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