I’ve always liked cops.

I’m not just talking about the pulse jumping SWAT guys that frequent my Starbucks.  Even when I’m caught speeding, which does happen occasionally, I still like cops.

I freely admit when I’ve broken the law and I’ve grown up having a clear understanding between right and wrong.

Not that I always choose right, but I do know the difference.

Police officers seem to get a bad rap.  As with all things, the crooked ones get all the attention.

I’m fascinated with why someone becomes a cop and recently read Lens: On the Beat: With a Gun and a Camera.  

The story is brief, but the photographs are a glimpse into a very different world.

They represent something I’ve never known and hope never to encounter.

It amazes me the things that go on in this world and the people that get up every morning and work to make it safe…better than it was the day before.  I know we all strive to do that, but these men and women have an enormous task.

I appreciate the work and I have tremendous respect.

That’s all from the laundry room.  Lock up.

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