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Safety Label

Better safe than sorry.   Bullshit.  Ridiculous, alarmist nonsense, actually.  Sure these words on the surface could mean, “make sure you bring jumper cables just in case your car breaks down,” but I take it to mean unless you are safe, which can mean a whole lot of things, you will be sorry. Taking a chance, being…

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Some people never find the right person.  Wonderful, solid relationships elude them due to their own issues, timing, or their choice of partner.  Broken hearts travel through life wishing, wondering what it will take to have what everyone else seems to have found. I’ve spent my life feeling this way about dogs.  My past is littered…

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Broken Zipper

Twenty gates shot open on a crisp morning. Dirt slapped at thunderous legs and her mouth foamed. The roar of lofty hats grew louder. She was close, wanted to please, but pain followed a snap and her shoulder hit the ground first.    

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Alpaca Sweater

Paris is that beautiful girl in high school.  The one with the piercing eyes surrounded by abnormally thick, dark, eyelashes.  The girl with the great wardrobe and the older boyfriend that always picks her up after school.  Paris is stunning, sweeping and yet no one really knows her.  She’s distant and a bit untouchable. Peru…

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Stretch Fabric

She knew she was not getting any younger.  She told herself she needed to go for it, reach for it, take her turn.  Was it her turn?  When did she get in line? She told herself it didn’t matter.  She woke up, stood up, and reached. Nothing. Her fingertips touched the smooth empty shelf.  She strained…

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There are baby birds living in the wall of my office. As I’ve mentioned before, my office is a large closet off of our laundry room.  I have no windows and I’m okay with that.  It’s cozy, and a touch isolating which I like.  It’s a cave. I share a wall with the outside courtyard…

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Guess Overalls

Michael and I met our junior year in high school, 1988.  I used Aqua Net for my awesome bangs, he wore Vans and we both rolled our jeans. Michael transferred to our school and when he arrived a few of my friends were pretty excited.  New guy, kind of preppy, sounded like the same giddy…

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Morning Coat

There is an owl that lives by my house. I don’t often hear her and I’ve only seen her fly over once, but she’s there.  I’m not sure why I call her “she”, but I always have. Yesterday morning I was up early, it was still dark, moon and stars still out.  It was cold…

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Easy Strider Shoes

Why am I writing another blog post when I should be writing a book?  Why when I swipe my credit card at the gas station does it stop before my tank is full, even though I entered my zip code like a good lemming?  Why do people have children and then ignore them?  Why, even…

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