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Why am I writing another blog post when I should be writing a book?  Why when I swipe my credit card at the gas station does it stop before my tank is full, even though I entered my zip code like a good lemming?  Why do people have children and then ignore them?  Why, even with adequate financial means, do people still shop at Walmart?  Why do all of my son’s socks have holes in the heels?  Why can’t I ever remember how to spell definitely without spell check?

Bear with me while I try to hash some of this out…

I’m writing a blog post because it’s shorter,  there’s no pressure, no one has to shell out hard earned cash for it and I’m really not a fan of my main character at the moment.  We are fighting, so a blog post is easier.

I will never understand the credit card at the gas station, but it pisses me off to no end.  Is there an epidemic of people stealing gas?  Is there a big difference between $99.00 and $106.00 at the gas pump?  Stupid.  If swipe my credit card and they verify it with my zip, I should be able to pump as much gas as I want.  This is a waste of regulations and controls.  All sorts of things should be safeguarded or monitored.  This is not one of them, but I suppose it’s easier to control a gas pump than say…medicare fraud or welfare abuse.

Having children is really the easy part.  Raising them, teaching them, disciplining them without acting like bad reality tv, supporting them, listening to them, is hard.  So people do the first part, tire out, and then leave them to fend for themselves and terrorize the rest of us?

Walmart shoppers…my chest actually tightens.  Is this easier too?  Is it easier to buy cheap Chinese crap and worry about the state of our nation later?  Perhaps.

Cotter’s socks will always remain a great mystery, but I suspect it has to do with the fact that it’s easier for him to grip the sides and shove his size 13 into the sock as opposed to gathering the sock and scooting it up his big ol’ foot.

Finally, I never learn to spell definitely because it’s easier to just type “difinately” and let spell check fix it.

So maybe it all comes down to what’s easier.  Maybe easy has become the default setting?  Sigh…I hope not.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Figure Out the Alarm Clock.

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  1. That typing thing’s tricky. I can blaze away on the keyboard with nary a thought about how things are spelled, letting my fingers do all the work….until I get to the word “appropriate”, at which point I stop and have to spell it out loud, hitting keys at a snail’s pace, hunt-pecking my way through it until the final “e” , at which point I blaze away again. This was particularly problematic for me when I was still teaching: you can imagine how many times a Special Educator has to type the word “appropriate” when reporting a student’s progress or lack thereof.

    Added weirdness. 9 times out of 10, my flying fingers omit the 2nd “m” whenever I type the word “member”.

    Finally (not typing related): WalMart must die.

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