Broken Zipper

Twenty gates shot open on a crisp morning.

Dirt slapped at thunderous legs and her mouth foamed.

The roar of lofty hats grew louder.

She was close, wanted to please, but pain followed a snap and her shoulder hit the ground first.



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  1. Clever- writing the POV of a horse race from a horse. I’m not up on my jockey jargon; what does the title mean? Is Zipper another term for horse? Or are the bones in a horses shoulder called zipper bones?

    • All of my post titles are laundry related which proves challenging sometimes. I used zipper because it brought to mind “zippy” or “quick”…race horse. So no jockey jargon needed. Thank you for reading and your comments.

    • It is pretty awful. For some reason when I thought of the prompt it brought to mind the race horse Eight Belles. She was only three years old and broke both of her front legs at the Kentucky Derby. They had to put her down right on the track. So sad and somehow so senseless. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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