Safety Label

Better safe than sorry.  

Bullshit.  Ridiculous, alarmist nonsense, actually.  Sure these words on the surface could mean, “make sure you bring jumper cables just in case your car breaks down,” but I take it to mean unless you are safe, which can mean a whole lot of things, you will be sorry.

Taking a chance, being “unsafe” always leads to negative, an apology.

And yet every person, famous and not, that has lived some life, says that his or her greatest achievements, funniest, best stories came from taking a chance, risking.  Better safe than sorry seems like a “said in fear” thing, or by someone that doesn’t like mess.  I wonder if a parent first uttered this phrase?  While I can understand angst, it’s stupid.   Blanket statements like this make scaredy cats.  Scaredy cats miss out.

There’s nothing wrong with safe.  I often choose safe, but it should be a decision based on where you want to be, not because some crotchety person told you to with a waggling finger.

Life is made up of safe, not so safe, and even unsafe.  Sometimes safe, not taking the chance, can lead to sorry, sad ending, too.  Messy, leaving the jumper cables at home, can bring all sorts of adventure, deep breaths, doors opening.  Stumbling, unsafe climbs often create great stuff, just don’t look down.

Better to go your own way than to be sorry.  Yes, that’s better.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Sleep Outdoors.


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  1. Like this post, Tracy–you’re saying out loud what some of us think! I’ll also add, “go with the gut instincts” because sometimes you have to take a chance/risk to get somewhere. . . . 🙂

  2. I was going to post a negative, snarky response to this, but polling The Elders yielded their unanimous advice that doing so was not in my best interest.

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