I need to cut down on the commas and take a break from the incomplete sentences.

I don’t normally have a lot of rules for this blog, but enough is enough.

As the new year gets rolling, I’ve looked back at some of my 2014 posts.  Usually, I write what comes to mind and then it’s gone.  I don’t look back.  There may be a reason I don’t look back because, holy commas and odd lists.  It’s as if I’ve forgotten how to put together a sentence.  Maybe I truncated somewhere in May of last year,  and like a favorite sweater, I could not take it off?

A brain reboot may be in order because I noticed that the clipped trend got progressively worse as the year went on.  I ended 2014 and even started 2015 swimming in a sea of random things strung together by commas.  I am not a poet, if I were a poet, this might be cool, but I fear in my case, it’s laziness.

Maybe I became bored with those filler words that, well sort of make a compete sentence?  It’s time to step back from the bullet listing comma party and find my big girl sentence structure again, at least for a little while.

I also cleaned the dust bunnies out from under my bed last night and organized my closet.  New year, time to kick out some of the stale habits and freshen up.

I knew I would get here eventually.

The 2015 calendar is out of the plastic and up on my wall. While I do not make New Year’s resolutions, I am all about complete sentences and folded sweaters, at least until I’m not.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Good Night’s Sleep.

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  1. I love your posts, just as they are…even if you are lapsing into a comma over it. As the alysthebookwyrm says, “semi-colons are the answer,” and I use them all too frequently. ~nan

  2. Guilty! When I first started blogging, I did so every day. I published a post every day for months. I’m exhausted just thinking about that. In doing that, I failed to let words and sentences settle down. I was more worried about getting stuff read than how it read. And it shows in my earlier work. My writing has vastly improved since I slowed down, walked away from a post and then come back to it for editing. It’s still very much a work in progress!

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