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I really want to discuss Karl Rove and the irony that he is bowing out now. Now that he and the current administration have made a complete mockery of our country, at home and abroad. But, I will choose instead to discuss the door people at Costco…

If anyone works at Costco I really would appreciate your insight.

I understand the people at the door when you are entering Costco, you grab your cart and as you are entering the “warehouse” you need to show your card so they know you are a member. I get that.

Then you pay for your items – a million rolls of toilet paper (Costco has the best toilet paper, unless of course your hiney is sensitive and then you should probably stick with Charmin. I think Charmin is too soft, it is sort of like using silk or cashmere. I need a little more substance in my toilet paper. But, I digress), Tide, Pita Chips in the Jumbo Bag, Vitamin Water, Paper Plates (I know, bad for the environment), blueberries, batteries and the best Oatmeal Cookies on the planet. As you are paying they ask for your Costco Card again. Alright, this is just in case I snuck in and I am not a member, or more importantly I am using someone else’s Costco Card! How often does this happen, with the exception of family members and where is the harm in that? But, it still makes sense, they are checking the card to make sure you are not using someone else’s membership.

They then move your items from one cart to another while they ring you up. This is fairly new, you used to keep your heavy items in the cart and they left them in there, but now they move them from one cart to another. Security?

It is after you pay at Costco and make your way past the cheap, but sometimes tempting after a long Saturday, food when the confusion really starts. We all file out like cattle, but there is one more stop at the door. Receipts out everyone must get past the person at the door with the highlighter. Yet another check point to make sure you are in no way ripping Costco off. This place is like Fort Knox!

When it is my turn I approach the door person, hand her my receipt and wait as she inspects my cart.

“Two blueberries?”
“One toilet paper?”
“Have a Great Day!”

And with one swipe of the highlighter I am sent on my way. What is this person’s job? What are they looking for? Are they checking to see that I am not taking anything? How could I possibly take anything since I have been prodded down a cage aisle since I paid? Are they checking to make sure the cashier rang me up properly?

These are the questions we may never have the answers to, so for tonight Karl Rove will have to wait as we ponder the great questions of Costco! That is all from the laundry room tonight.

Jumbo Pillows!

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  1. It’s like you earn your conveyer belt respect when you can whip out our shiny card. How dare you put your sausage on my belt so soon. don’t you pull that trigger yet. just hand over the 2k pearl necklace and nobody gets hurt…

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