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The maintenance guy thinks I’m a serial killer. We’ve had some issues with our smoke detectors going off at random intervals, and the joys of apartment life allow for a quick email to the maintenance department. A lovely man arrived yesterday. He changed some batteries. I stood with him under the alarm near my office…

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I need to manage my mind. It’s a bit like Grand Central Station up there these days and since I can’t keep things quiet, I tried gathering. Last week, I herded thoughts into similar groups and then willed them to line up single file. I figured if I could get all of it to hold…

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There was a little girl at Starbucks this morning. ¬†School uniform, braided hair, she was sitting in one of the chairs by the shelf of coffee and designer cups. ¬†She must have been asked to wait there while her mom got, what I’m sure was much needed, caffeine. I noticed her because she was sort…

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