There was a little girl at Starbucks this morning.  School uniform, braided hair, she was sitting in one of the chairs by the shelf of coffee and designer cups.  She must have been asked to wait there while her mom got, what I’m sure was much needed, caffeine.

I noticed her because she was sort of talking to herself, mimicking conversation with another person I’m sure was completely real to her.  Her eyebrows jutted up every now and then.  She was in full make-believe mode.

After a few minutes of what appeared to be a very important meeting, she stood and walked over to the the gift card display.  She flipped through the brochures and gestured to the imaginary meeting behind her.  I think she may have been an editor for Vogue or an important CEO explaining a new product.  Her audience seemed captivated and she was fabulous and confident in her job.

I love make-believe.  I miss that part of being a child.  Being able to create a world, move through it, be my version of anything I want to be.

I was drawn in watching this little girl.  I was with her at Vogue.  We were reviewing the new August issue.  Although, I was sure to look away anytime I sensed she might glance over.  I didn’t want to come across as the creepy weird lady, or embarrass her.

I’m sure, had she looked over and caught me, she would have seen a grown-up and what do they know about important meetings in make-believe.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Under the Covers.

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  1. I’m so glad a “make-believe” world is still there for little girls and/or little boys. It’s so important to feed the imagination and set it free while the little ones can still enjoy those moments–unencumbered by some adult’s rigid boundaries. . .

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