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Less is seldom more. My son will move out of our house and into his college dorm next week. He drives me nuts.  He’s been what they call a “challenge.”  Loud, self-absorbed, and crazy moody. He still eats in his room, still tries to sidestep chores or responsibility, still runs at full speed and scares the crap out of me.  He’s arrogant and selfish…

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Odd Fit

I like to think of myself as funny. I’m pretty sure I won something in high school related to being funny…best sense of humor or best laugh, maybe. No, I don’t think it was my laugh because that’s a bit of an awkward and snorty mess most of the time. Anyway, the point of the…

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Christmas Sweater

We had our Christmas picture professionally taken for the first time.  Actually, it was the first time we have had professional photos as a family. Let’s say that we are more of a candid shot kind of crowd.  We have taken our own Christmas picture in front of our tree, timer set, someone running, every year, but…

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Goofy Slippers

I’ve been in my fictional worlds lately.  It’s time to pop my head out and say something from the laundry room, but I need the help of a random word.  Let’s see… Today’s post is brought to you by the letters L, A, U, G, and H. A laugh really shows a person unlike anything else,…

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Yellow Cardigan

Fogged windows, twists and turns. It started as a kiss, a taste, but a soft moan swept her ear and she knew. She wanted. His knee hit the gear shift, they laughed to tears. His eyes danced, and she knew. She loved.

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