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I’ve been in my fictional worlds lately.  It’s time to pop my head out and say something from the laundry room, but I need the help of a random word.  Let’s see…

Today’s post is brought to you by the letters L, A, U, G, and H.

A laugh shows a person unlike anything else, except for maybe crying, but people don’t often cry around others. It’s hard to hold up the masks we wear, be an adult, mature or sophisticated, while laughing.  A smile is one thing, that can be done in a polite, often phony, way, but a laugh, a genuine laugh, lets loose all of our stuff.

Maybe that’s why we laugh among friends, or in the darkness of a bar, or a theatre.  Could be the reason we turn to look when someone’s booming cackle breaks the hum of conversation in a restaurant.  The laugh is a reveal.  A person saying, “I can’t keep in any more, here comes my silly,” and we can all relate.

People fall in love over laughter, break the silence, and often they hang on because of it.  There’s nervous laughter, annoying laughter, sinister and sexy laughs, giggles, even knee slapping.  I really like a laugh that incorporates some type of spitting liquid or even milk in the nose. The held back laugh that busts free.  Yes!

Laughing makes us real, tears in the eyes, belly holding real, and I love it.  There are so few opportunities to throw our heads back, snort, jiggle and connect. I can not image dealing with “things” and not having laughter. The DMV, job interviews, bad dates, marriage, family drama, looking at yourself in skinny jeans, just wouldn’t be the same without a good solid laugh.

It’s essential. Taking it if I can only have a few things on a deserted island, essential. Watching someone laugh, laughing with them, is childlike and hard to fake. I can’t always tell if a person is a phony, but if they try to fake a laugh, it’s a glaring, awkward, eyebrow raise.

Nothing worse than people trying to fake real.  It’s like watching someone who holds in a sneeze. That weird high-pitched, pinched, sound where you just want to say, “Sneeze for Christsake!”

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Funny Dreams.

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      • haha! You’d be surprised, I hold it in sometimes, although when I do that most people think I’m laughing AT them… Not the best of situations when you’re in uni! Same here! Skinny jeans are the bane of my life. I’ve given in and gone for the slim fit. Much more flattering, and I don’t have to dance to get into them!

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