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There are baby birds living in the wall of my office. As I’ve mentioned before, my office is a large closet off of our laundry room.  I have no windows and I’m okay with that.  It’s cozy, and a touch isolating which I like.  It’s a cave. I share a wall with the outside courtyard…

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Light Load

Three light bulbs burned out in the laundry room a couple of weeks ago. I flipped the switch, they flashed, made that zappy sound and out they went.  I have recessed lights, so they are the big ones with the flat tops.  They’re pretty expensive to replace.  I find it annoying every time we have…

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Lucky Shirt

“You are so lucky”, she said. We were discussing life and she was commenting on how lucky I was to have children, a great marriage and a career. “I am very fortunate”, I replied and we left it at that. Later that evening I got to thinking. Is it really luck? I am not sure…

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