Lucky Shirt

“You are so lucky”, she said.

We were discussing life and she was commenting on how lucky I was to have children, a great marriage and a career. “I am very fortunate”, I replied and we left it at that. Later that evening I got to thinking.

Is it really luck? I am not sure luck has anything to do with it. Being open, showing up, hard work and then more hard work, but I do not really think my life has been about luck. It seems like “You are so lucky” is far too easy. As if to say the reason I have my life is because I stood in the right line.

Having healthy children involves some luck I suppose. There are so many things out of your control with that one.

Meeting the right guy? There could be some luck involved there. Right place at the right time, but it seems more like sorting out the losers, creating a life for yourself first, paying attention. Hard work. Staying married, working out issues, raising children together. No luck there.

Having a career has always been hard work and there has not been much luck along the way. It is a constant juggling act.

A few months ago I was in Vegas playing roulette and I put 3 chips on Red 19. It hit. I played again this time with 4 chips on Red 19. It hit again. Two times in a row. I did nothing but show up, sip my drink and pick a number. That is luck.

Those are my thoughts from the laundry room tonight.

Lucky Stars!

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