Wool Gabardine

I went to Starbuck’s this morning as I always do (my life has a bit of a Groundhog Day feel to it sometimes).

As I approached the counter there before me stood one of my favorite people. A woman, nicely dressed, great shoes and obviously very, very important. She was so important that it was impossible for her to end or even pause her telephone conversation while ordering. She must have been on a very, very important call because only under those circumstances would a grown person treat another grown person with such little respect.

The gentleman behind the counter was quite gracious as she gyrated, juggling the phone and trying to point to her pastry. She ordered her drink, a pastry and paid without even interrupting her conversation and without ever once acknowledging the other human being behind the counter.

Who are these people and what could possibly be so important?

Here’s a thought, finish your conversation prior to entering the establishment, ask the person if you can call them back, or do not make the call until you have placed your order.

Simple and Respectful.

I have a full-time job, three children, friends and family and yet somehow I manage to say, “Good Morning” and “Thank you” in between the very, very important tasks of my day. It is a choice most of us make every day to look others in the eye and acknowledge that we all exist on this crazy planet together. That is all from the laundry room tonight.

Hit the Snooze Button!

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