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Bring On the Stains

I was listening to NPR yesterday and they were doing a story on robots and how they can now be used as security guards and even soldiers. It was a very interesting piece on an up and coming technology, but it freaked me out. This man was talking about how these robots feel no pain,…

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The Spin Cycle

There are days when my life seems to fly by and others when life just seems so long.  When my children were younger life seemed to zip right by moving through diapers and first days of school.  As they get older, I have days when life seems really long.  Soon they will be gone off…

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Sorting it Out

This is my very first blog entry and I must say a place for me to ramble my thoughts has been a long time coming. It is my intention that this blog will be my place to reflect on the world and often times my little corner. I have three amazing children and while a…

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