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Years ago, I found myself in a Walgreens parking lot. My kids were still little, so I’m sure I was picking up liquid Tylenol, or maybe I was shopping for cards and Oreos because everyone was finally asleep. It was a mundane night. I don’t remember why I was there. And yet, I will never…

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A veteran, according to the dictionary, is a person that has served in the armed forces.  Veterans that have had direct exposure to acts of military conflict are often called war veterans. I am married to a veteran.  I have family and friends that are either veterans or war veterans.  On this day and every…

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I’ve always found the phrase “May contain nuts or nut pieces” odd, especially when it is found on foods that have nothing to do with nuts. Don’t the makers of these products know whether there are nuts? What do you mean it “may contain”? After seeing this several times and pondering the possibilities I’ve determined…

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