Went to California for Memorial Day Weekend.  Road trip to see my Mom and Gil.  I love road trips.  They are long and cramped, they can get loud and annoying, but I love them.

It’s time to be with my family.  Don’t get me wrong, we are not The Cleavers.  We don’t play road games or have educational discussions.  My children usually watch movies or play with their iPod, or torture each other over who farted, or who’s feet should go where, but we are all together…moving down the freeway.  I’m close to them.  I can feel their energy.  I’m sitting next to my favorite man in the entire world for almost 8 hours.  I read or play backgammon on my iPod, but Michael usually is highly offended so we talk, laugh and sing really bad Air Supply songs.

Road trips are the most fun and I feel free.

Memorial Day is the day we recognize the sacrifices our military have made for our country.  We honor the fallen.  Soldiers that have died defending our country, our country’s interests or just following orders.  There is a tendency, when discussing the fallen, to make it seem like these men and woman willingly made the ultimate sacrifice.  I believe they were dedicated, but I don’t believe they gave their life up willingly.  No one wants to die.  But they did and Monday is the day we remember.

I recognize that I have no idea what we really do around the world and there are days I don’t want to know.  What was it Jack Nicholson said?

“You can’t handle the truth!”  I’m sure he’s right.

I know there are times I disagree with our government or I don’t see the big picture, but I know one thing…men and women are driven to serve and protect, but they do not want to die.

They want to take road trips and hold their loved ones.  They want to wake up to the smell of bacon on the weekend and feel the sand in their toes.  All people want that, even the Marines.

So, as I reflect on my weekend and the meaning of Memorial Day I mourn for the men and women that our country has lost, wherever the conflict, whatever the war.  I mourn for their pain and suffering and the life they left behind.

I wish all of our living military God’s Speed.  I am thankful for everything they do for our country, but I also wish them safety and road trips.  My thoughts from the laundry room.

Don’t Forget to Tuck In!

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  1. this one is like butta! i love riding in the car with my family too. i love having to stop at walgreens for provisions along the way. hope you had a great trip. i sometimes think of you when i am bleaching my sockety sock socks white.

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