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Sexy by definition is one of the following:

1.  Concerned predominantly or excessively with sex; risqué

2.  Sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality

3.  Excitingly appealing; glamorous

I recently asked two men if a woman could be sexy without being pretty.  One said, “No, you have to be attractive to pull off sexy.”  The other said, “Absolutely.  A woman can be sexy and not be that attractive.”  I then asked a woman the same question and got the response, “It depends, sexiness is really in the eye of the beholder.  Some people need the physical look and others are turned on by the attitude.”

If you live in my head, that leads to so many questions:  Can you be sexy if you’ve never had sex?  Do men and women see sexy differently?  Why do I think John Goodman’s sexy and no one else seems to get it?  Can a car be sexy?

Good God, I could go on forever.

Everyone will define it differently and maybe that’s wonderful.  One man or woman’s sexy is different than the others and that must mean there is room for everyone to be sexy.

Short, tall, skinny, fluffy, young, old, smart, not so bright, inexperienced and really well versed.

How important is it to be sexy?  Many people will say women are objectified all in the name of being sexy.  Sexy gets in the way of a woman reaching her full potential.  We are about so much more than sexy. We are so much more, but do we have to throw sexy out all together?  Gloria Steinem was a Playboy Bunny for crying out loud!

Like many other double standards, men can be sexy and it doesn’t seem to get in their way.  They relish it.  Men flirt and flaunt their sexuality and no one bats an eye. A woman talks about feeling sexy or being turned on and she’s a tease or a slut. Sexy is no longer relevant for women in this day and age.  Really?

I have to disagree.  Part of being a woman is being sexy, whatever your definition.

It’s not just physical, it’s psychological.

Woman need to feel sexy with someone and by themselves.  The objectification comes in when you allow someone else to define what makes you sexy.  If you try to fit yourself into someone’s idea of sexy, that’s were it all goes wrong.  Pamela Lee Anderson…not so sexy in my book, but I’m sure I’m in the minority.  Trying to shape yourself into what others want you to be is just not sexy at all. Sexy is one side of a woman. It’s not everything, but it’s still quite relevant.

By the way, Kevin James.  A sense of humor is so sexy.  My thoughts from the laundry room tonight.

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