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Delicate Cycle

I have been looking for the perfect bra since the little training ones no longer did the trick. Shopping for bras is such an awkward process no matter the cup. One minute articles or actresses chastise the media for not embracing the female form. The mantra-of-the-moment is that my breasts should be celebrated and happy in…

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Tie Dye

If I had written Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian would probably have a rooftop garden. He would live in a refurbished walk-up because he appreciates a solid foundation, but can’t tolerate the clutter of the past.  Sure Christian would be angsty and brooding.  He would have “issues,” but that’s why he has the garden.  Also, he would have…

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I was not born distractingly sexy or beautiful. Water doesn’t ripple down my abs and I can barely use a garden hose, but every now and then I look at people that are, for lack of better words, objectified, surface worshiped, and I wonder… Last week I was awakened by some obnoxious radio announcer in my…

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Crop Top

Apparently short hair is not sexy. Victoria’s Secret, who I guess are the protectors of sexy these days, aired an ad in which one of the models had chin length hair.  She was obviously a beautiful woman, half dressed and by all other standards would be deemed sexy, but her hair was to her chin.…

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Overnight Bag

Ain’t no time for talkin, show me what you’ve got… It’s my favorite song on their latest album.  A true departure, ridiculously talented band, and a very sexy song. Funny behind the scene’s video that just needs to be on my blog.  Enjoy. That’s all from the laundry room.  Up All Night.

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I like kissing.  We all have some part of human connection that is particularly appealing.  Some people like hugs or holding hands, pretty much everyone jumps right to liking sex.  I like that too, but for me it all builds from the kiss.  It’s the foundation from which all other warm lovely touches become real.…

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I saw this on…Pinterest, of course, and I got to thinking. On the surface, this appears to be comparing the treatment of women from yesterday to today. I’m guessing the message is that during the 60s a woman was treated with respect. She was called a woman and the simple title of pretty is demure…

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Pretty Panties

Victoria’s Secret has new panties and as of late, I appear to have an addiction to the pretty things that go under my clothes.  I apologize if this is too much information, but get over it. I have what the lovely women at VS call a bra and panty “wardrobe” and yes, when they come…

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Sensible Shoes

Midlife Crisis. I’m not exactly sure what it looks like, but I don’t want one.  I’m picturing some 50 year old man in a Ferrari. Do women even have midlife crises?  I thought we were too smart for that.  Men, sure they have them.  They get older, some of them start to lose their “abilities”…

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