Pretty Panties

Victoria’s Secret has new panties and as of late, I appear to have an addiction to the pretty things that go under my clothes.  I apologize if this is too much information, but get over it.

I have what the lovely women at VS call a bra and panty “wardrobe” and yes, when they come out with new panties I do indulge.

Anyway, I revisited my non-fun girl Tracy with a “y” while I was standing in line to pay for my new fantastic undies.

If you’ve never been to Victoria’s Secret, they have these little towers with lipgloss, travel size things, etc. right as you’re checking out.  Kind of like a “grab these at the last minute” type of deal.  I’m standing in line and they have something called Body Chocolate.

Tracy with an “i” would have thought that was fun, right?  Here’s a glimpse into my thoughts as I looked at the box of body chocolate…

Isn’t that sticky?  You’d have to shower right after that I guess.

Does it need to be heated like fondue?

If you didn’t shower right after,  then there certainly would be some left on your body and then it would get all over the sheets and…

Crap, I’d have to take the whole bed apart and change the sheets and it just really doesn’t seem…

I’m not kidding you.  I laughed at myself in the car.

You know that scene in 9 1/2 weeks when they’re eating and…using the food? There’s a reason they were on the kitchen floor and not in bed.  Kim Basinger’s character did not want to have to change the damn sheets.

Yes, those are my thoughts from the laundry room.  Sweet (get it) Dreams!

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