School Clothes

A military helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan and our country lost valuable, precious, incredibly brave lives.

The stock market continues to approach the drain and I’m not quite sure any of the suits walking around Washington know what they’re doing.

As important as these issues are, and believe me they are important, my daughter will be a senior this year and my son will be a freshman.  Maggie is pulling up the rear and starting 6th Grade this year too.

The microcosm of our life takes precedent as school supplies and clothes need to be purchase by August 10th.  It’s interesting that no matter what else is going on school arrives every year and life falls back into that predictable routine.

At the end of every school year I curse the routine.  I feel like a gerbil on the wheel and come the end of May, I’m dying for summer and flip flops, sleeping in.

By the beginning of August I’m begging for the routine.  I’m sick of flip flops, messy hair and my children asking me “What’s on the agenda today?”

So, the school year arrives again and I’m grateful.

Grateful for Maggie’s health, grateful that my husband is safe and not far from home. I’m grateful that there’s a little money left over after a million office supplies and books are purchased.

At the same time, I’m thinking about the men that lost their lives over the weekend, their families may be starting school too, cloaked in horrible sadness.  I’m also thinking about people that have lost their jobs, or their homes.

I’m wishing them all healing and a calm routine school year.

That’s all from the laundry room.  Button up.

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