I saw this on…Pinterest, of course, and I got to thinking.

On the surface, this appears to be comparing the treatment of women from yesterday to today. I’m guessing the message is that during the 60s a woman was treated with respect. She was called a woman and the simple title of pretty is demure and has little to do with objectifying her.  That’s nice.  The songs a touch annoying, but “pretty woman” is a nice compliment.

The second quote is obviously more…daring and could be construed as disrespectful on the surface.

Akon’s voice annoys me because he sounds like he’s singing through one of the voice enhancer things, but that’s not the point.

Sexy Bitch…I think I like that too.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with being sexy and a woman can be her sexiest fully clothed.  The stereotype is some woman gyrating in those weird one piece bathing suits without the sides, but that’s not sexy at all.  I don’t like when sexy is reduced to classless.  Truly sexy is so much more.

I’ve been called a bitch and I don’t always take that as an insult.  Bitches are vocal, they stand up for themselves and often times have to tell people things they don’t want to hear. Bitch can be powerful.

I think these two phrases were put together to show a change, but I’m not sure the change is all bad.  Besides, they are obviously extremes and I’m sure the vast majority of woman are pretty women with a side of sexy bitch and that’s just wonderful.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Trashy Novel Before Bed.

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  1. Interesting topic.
    I just happened to watch the new political drama on USA “Political Animals”. I am a huge fan of Segorney Weaver. She plays a “Hil” character who was first lady, then makes an unsuccessful run for The White House. She is then Sec’y of State.
    In a conversation with a journalist (Carla Gugino), she comments on the journalist book – “Impending 4th wave of Feminism, when bitches rule”. The dialogue follows :
    Sec’y – You could have chosen a better title.
    Journalist – I was trying to reclaim the word.
    Sec’y – Never call a bitch a bitch, us bitches hate that.
    Most of my adult life I have had no problem being a bitch or being identified as one. It is a power thing. Love your blog.

  2. the quote reminded me of a conversation i had with an older person. she explained that in her day, when a woman was pregnant, the phrase was “she is in the family way” (i’m from the south), but now if someone is pregnant, she is knocked up, it seems instead of evolving, we are eroding!

    • There really are so many examples of things just becoming more…crass, but there’s also some realness and honesty that might be good for us if the class is brought back into the equation. Not a fan of “knocked up” because it’s disrespectful. I hope for my children’s sake we are not eroding. My grandfather used to say the pendulum always swings one way and then the other and at some point common sense steps in and it falls in the middle. I hope some things are just phases of that swing. Thanks for visiting me.

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