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I will miss the rain when I’ve passed on…

When I’ve died, gone to the other side, whatever happens when I’m no longer living in my body, I will miss the rain.

I’m not sure when I started thinking this way.  At some point I began realizing that I would not be here forever and there are things, aesthetic things, so wonderful about being a human being.  I’ll miss them.

The taste of cherry pie, warm towels right out of the dryer…they’re on the list too.

It rained today, actually it’s still raining.  For those of you that do not live in Arizona, I’ll need to explain why this event is so spectacular.

It was 108 degrees today, very few clouds in the sky and not a breeze to be found. It was awful.  Think nasty, hot, baking hell and you’re almost there.

We survived, had dinner and right after dinner we could see the storm start to move in.  The wind first and then sheets, buckets of rain followed by lightning and thunder.  We opened the windows and the breeze was cool and smelled of creosote.

They come out of nowhere in the summer.  There is nothing like a true, good, drenching desert rain.

I sat by the window, feeling the cool air and the mist of the rain, the earth rumbling with thunder.  I will miss this.

I don’t know if this will be my last summer desert rain storm, or if I’ll have many more.  Life’s funny that way.

Whatever my path, I hope Michael or the Indians or one of the theories are right.  When I go, I hope I somehow return to the earth.

It would be great if I got to come back in another body, do it all over again.  But if not, I wouldn’t mind being a spirit floating on a storm cloud or a creosote blowing in the storm.  I don’t want to leave this behind.  I’ll miss it.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Cool Summer Breeze.

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  1. I always think of the same thing, The things that i have been so blessed to have done from walking to flying, from loving to losing, There is so much in my heart i want to take with me and treasure, not in a idol treasure (worship) but in a passionate treasure. For what is life and all of our experiences,memories, blessings, loved ones, stuggling ones, moments. The most precious treasures really are the simplest. This post is so beautiful , seriously why live an amazing life in appreciation to so much to not get to enjoy it later. You always say things so perfect!

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