I spent a week in Hong Kong recently and just moved my daughter down to college.

Those events are both pretty big.

I’d never been to Hong Kong before.  My daughter is now living in a very cute dorm room and starting to add color to her own life canvas.

Again, huge cultural experience and wonderful, emotional life change and I sit down at my computer and…nothing.

It is not writer’s block because I don’t get that, especially not here in my safe little blog world.

I’ve thought about it for days.  There are funny stories from Hong Kong and as Katlyn’s mother I have all sorts of emotions flying around as she starts college, so what is it?

Hong Kong was a once in a lifetime experience.  The people were fantastic and the Big Budda alone was worth the 15 hour flight, but the time I spent there was…personal.  It wasn’t really something I want to share.

Sure I took pictures and posted them on FB for friends and family to see, but that’s really all I want to offer.  The rest I think I want to keep inside of me.  Maybe it’ll just take more time to process than my usual observations.

Perhaps some day in the near future I’ll sit down and feel the urge to describe what it felt like to be cloaked in the incense of a Buddhist Temple.

Maybe some day those words will spring to mind.

As for Katlyn going to school, it’s still too new…tender.  I’m happy, excited, obsessing, crying, and proud all at once.  Not a whole lot of statements that can capture that mess. What I feel after bringing my very first baby to college seems like it will always be private. Nothing really describes it, does it justice, so I’ll leave it alone.

Writing is interesting.  It comes out of the luxury to sit back and observe, comment.  I place such value on words and the stringing together of thought, but sometimes there are no words and I’m OK with that.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Shhhh!

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