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Midlife Crisis.

I’m not exactly sure what it looks like, but I don’t want one.  I’m picturing some 50 year old man in a Ferrari.

Do women even have midlife crises?  I thought we were too smart for that.  Men, sure they have them.  They get older, some of them start to lose their “abilities” or their hair or their abs and then in some desperate attempt to hang on to their youth and prove their virility they start dating twenty year olds and driving ridiculously expensive cars.  Right?  That’s a midlife crisis.

Women don’t have those.  But I suppose women do cut up their bodies in a desperate attempt to look younger and in the worst of situations to keep their midlife husbands from looking at the twenty year old and the stupid car.  I really can not imagine cutting myself up to please someone else.  I suppose that has to do with the way I was raised.  Thank you, Mom.

Sad really, I don’t see a lot of men working out or going under the knife to try and hang on to their midlife wife.  I guess that’s just the way it is.

I recently read an article about the female body and why our society is so obsessed with it.  Men have always been obsessed with the female body for purposes of reproduction and the proverbial thing they do not have.  The article was interesting because it spoke about the emphasis our entire society places on the female form. There are not male swimsuit models, well there are but they’re cheesy, and they certainly don’t hold the iconic status that a Victoria’s Secret or a Sports Illustrated Model holds.  But I digress…

Women are supposed to age gracefully.  We just get better with age, like a fine wine. When I was in my twenties and even my early thirties that’s what I thought.  We are supposed to welcome age and wisdom.  Look at Diane Keaton or Maya Angelou. Women do not have midlife crises.

Now that I am getting ready to turn 39, again.  I think maybe we do.  They’re certainly not the same.  We’re just not that cliche and silly, but there’s a transition that a woman makes as she starts to get older.  If she’s a thinking woman that is.

What does it mean to no longer be young?  Did you fit everything into your youth?  Is it really better the older you get?  I’m not sure, but something definitely goes on in the mind for a woman as she gets older.

It is said that women hit their sexual peak between 35 and 40, but there’s really no scientific evidence to back this up.  We all go through puberty the same way and at the same time.  I think women just become more comfortable with themselves during this period, more confident and that translates in their bedroom.  So women do get better with age?   I digress again…

This train of thought could crop up from time to time for another six months until I turn 39, again so bear with me.  Midlife crisis…yeah, I don’t know.

That’s all from the laundry room.  Open the windows.

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  1. Ah, you have touched on so many points in the one great post. From my vantage point many years down the road from where you are now, I can say that you and your friends will continue to discuss/fret/laugh about all this as the years go by. AND, honestly, the years after 50 are, in so many ways, the best.

  2. Well said. I don’t know about becoming a fine wine either, but life definitely feels a lot more comfortable. My 39th birthday has come and gone many times. And that’s okay. Just a number. Never got in the habit of looking back at what I’ve lost. But still find myself excited about what today and tomorrow will bring.

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