Delicate Cycle

I have been looking for the perfect bra since the little training ones no longer did the trick.

Shopping for bras is such an awkward process no matter the cup. One minute articles or actresses chastise the media for not embracing the female form. The mantra-of-the-moment is that my breasts should be celebrated and happy in their sling. They fed my children, albeit, for a very brief time. They are the pinnacles—see what I did there—of the “female form.” Blah, blah, blah.

In the same breath said magazine and/or well-known female is highlighting breasts pushed up, squished together, even shadowed and lightly dusted with shimmering powder.

These two opposed images sit on either shoulder every time I buy a bra.

I want to feel sexy. I like lace and soft materials. I’m not into dusting the cleavage, but in my own way when I look in the mirror, I like to see pretty. At the same time, I don’t want lumps under my t-shirts or scratchy glitter, the underwire jab, or that weird boob overflow anytime I purchase something called a demi-bra or a balconette.

I don’t want to look in my top drawer and see an apparatus, but I can’t feel sexy if I’m uncomfortable. If I have to strap something on every morning, I want lovely and functional at that same time.

After years of either over-glossed pouty faces or bright white sexless harnesses, I have found the perfect bras.

This is not some promo post. I wanted to share the bra, but I also have a funny story.

The bra first, ThirdLove is a company based in San Francisco. It is run by two women with a conscience. They give money to causes I care about. I ordered a bra, their basic t-shirt, as a “test drive.”

They let you try their product for 30 days for $2.99. If you like it, you keep it and pay for it, if it doesn’t work you send it back. I entered my credit card and was fully prepared to be disappointed.

Best. Bra. Ever.

It’s soft and so well made. You know that part between your boobs where the wire always pokes out and jabs you after about six months? This bra doesn’t even have one. It’s sewn beautifully, and I was dancing around my house after I tried it on. And while they have lacy ones, even the basic is pretty. Soft and lovely in a way that makes me want to put it on my body.

Now here’s the funny part. Michael was working from home this morning, and my bra somehow ended up on the floor just before lunch time. When it was time to go back to being adults, I could not find the bra.

Turns out Jack, the perfect dog, liked my new perfect bra too.

So, one bra made me happy, fell to the floor well past the honeymoon, and it entertained Jack. Well done, ThirdLove.

Still a little pissed I have to buy a new one so soon, but I’ve found boob nirvana and I want it in every color.

That’s all from the laundry room. Sleep Well.

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  1. I felt like that the first time I got a bra from Bravissimo! And then my size changed and I could no longer fit into the range of sizes they made for that bra :'(
    But THEN I found a new one! I’m so happy! And it’s purple and lacy. YAY!

  2. I can’t believe they have my size! Since having kids I am –ahem– abundantly blessed:). I will try before I buy, because I’m so darn picky. But thanks for posting because my old go-to style is killing me now. Poking and prodding in all the wrong spots . . .

  3. It seems just as I find my “perfect” bra, the company wants to “improve” on it and my search begins all over again! Am so glad you found yours–I’ll check to see if it’s in Canada.:)

  4. I enjoyed reading about your boobs and undergarments immensely, but when I shared my enthusiasm with My Beloved Sandra, she got kind of a frowny face. I don’t care. Tell me MORE…

  5. I will be looking into them…

    Currently, after what feels like a million dollars down the drain, I’ve found the perfect bra for those of us who aspire to be an A cup 😉 I buy bras from YSE Lingerie. It’s a French company based in Paris (they ship in Europe, not sure about the US). Let me say right here, they are not cheap. Not in any way (especially in £££). But it’s the very first time in nearly 20 years I’ve found a bra that actually fits that I didn’t have to buy from the ‘teen’ section. They do delicate lace, and silk, and satin, and sexy, and un-wire or no underwire. For me the best bit is the small sizes. I don’t want to spend upwards of £45 on a bra. But I do want one that actually fits. So…YSE for the win.

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