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Delicate Cycle

I have been looking for the perfect bra since the little training ones no longer did the trick. Shopping for bras is such an awkward process no matter the cup. One minute articles or actresses chastise the media for not embracing the female form. The mantra-of-the-moment is that my breasts should be celebrated and happy in…

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New Wrap

I usually get lost in Christmas. The shopping is especially whirly for me.  I ask my children for lists, ideas, and then I set about buying most of the things they think they need, as if Christmas is the only time I will ever be able to buy them new socks or a cozy sweater.  I’m…

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Hermes Scarf

I’m a sucker for advertising.  I’m also the woman on the car lot that walks up to the car I want, usually as the salesman is approaching, and proclaims “I love this car!”, but that’s a different story. Ads with great music, movie trailers, every damn thing in the Apple Store…all of it.  I cave…

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