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Apparently short hair is not sexy.

Victoria’s Secret, who I guess are the protectors of sexy these days, aired an ad in which one of the models had chin length hair.  She was obviously a beautiful woman, half dressed and by all other standards would be deemed sexy, but her hair was to her chin.

This caused outrage among…I’m not sure which section of the population gets fired up about this stuff, but those people, took to Twitter, Facebook and contacted Victoria’s Secret headquarters.  They declared that they “hated” the ad and the model should “get extensions immediately” because, “there’s nothing sexy about short hair.”

Here’s the cherry on the cake of this article…the outraged crazies were not just men.  So, women too are upset and saying short hair isn’t sexy.  Sigh…I need to sit down.

I’m not always a fan of people.  I know that’s not a nice thing to say and I’m working on being more…flexible, but articles like this don’t help.

Should I infer from the reaction of these lovely human beings that a woman’s sex appeal lies in her hair?  It’s as simple as that?  Women with long hair had better hold on to it because if they cut their hair they are no longer sexy?

That’s so super ridiculous and really limits the broad canvas that is sexy.

I’m going to tell myself this is, once again, the media sending the spotlight to the exceptions and leave it at that, but it just sort of chaps my hiney.  Sexy is in the eye of the beholder. Sexy women, come in all shapes, sizes and hairstyles.  Why is this still even an issue?

These people are the exception…I know, but just one more thing.  You never hear men, or women for that matter, getting all worked up when Brad Pitt grows his hair long.

I know, I’ll stop now.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Cut the Nap Short.

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