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See Through

I cut all my hair off. I don’t mean short, I mean short-short. Tiny bangs, actually no bangs. Everything as short as it can go without the use of the clippers. I can’t do clippers. My face is right there, no sweep of hair to hide my relentless forehead wrinkle, nothing. It’s not like my…

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Crop Top

Apparently short hair is not sexy. Victoria’s Secret, who I guess are the protectors of sexy these days, aired an ad in which one of the models had chin length hair.  She was obviously a beautiful woman, half dressed and by all other standards would be deemed sexy, but her hair was to her chin.…

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Mohair Coat

It’s only money if you have it.  The same holds true for hair. It seems easier to give when money abounds.  If I’m not worried about paying for groceries or my electricity being shut off, I’m more willing to share, donate, or give money to someone in need. If, however, I hit a point where…

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