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I’ve heard a rumor they (the proverbial they) are remaking the movie  The Lost Boys.

The original’s a classic movie from my youth and I don’t want to see a remake.  I got to thinking about why a remake bothers me and I’ll warn you this is a “my generation was so much better” moment.

I just like the movie the way it is and I don’t want to see a new, technologically advanced, 3D, shiny version.  The original was released back in 1987, ten years before Titanic, ten years after Star Wars, but twelve years before the new and improved Star Wars: Phantom Menace, and over 20 years before the beloved Avatar. The Lost Boys was scary and romantic and funny and when Kiefer Sutherland disappeared into the darkness I knew what was going on, but…I still needed to use my imagination.  Not everything could be shown, replicated and handed to me in a virtual world.  It was still a movie…make believe.

Movies now are filled with special effects that are so advanced and you see it all now, because the technology is there to show it to you…all of it.  Yoda in the first Star Wars was a weird fuzzy puppet sitting in a cave.  You had to imagine that he could kick some ass if he needed to because there was no way to show that in 1977.  Twenty years later his makeover had him jumping and wielding his light saber.  He became real.  Shut off your imagination and the movie will do it for you.

Now we have 3D, which annoys the crap out of me by the way, and everything is not only incredibly realistic, but now it jumps out at you in the theatre. Everything in movies now, although visually stunning, is literal.  There is no room for imagination because the director has done it all…everything for you.

I don’t want to see The Lost Boys like this…where’s the fun in that?  It will just be another Twilight or maybe a gory blood bath.  I like that we had to work harder to tell a story before technology made it so easy.  I liked that even though I was in a dark theatre, I still needed to participate…imagine what the woman looked like behind the shower curtain when Psycho was through with her.  I still had to engage and wonder what the movie did not, could not, show me.  That’s all gone now.  I’m just a passenger.

I realize progress is good and I’m sure for die hard special effect people this is a wonderful time, but I miss…yeah, just leave The Lost Boys alone.  Those are my thoughts from the laundry room.


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