Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York.  Married and divorced Prince Albert, second son of Queen Elizabeth.  Mother to two beautiful daughters.  Always tabloid fodder and now caught looking a little haggard and selling access to her ex-husband for 500,000 pounds (shows you what I know, I didn’t even know you could sell access to a person. Hmm…I wonder if anyone will try to sell access to me.  No, I think I’m safe.)

My first thought when I read the headline was “how embarrassing”, but who cares. Now after looking at the video I’m more inclined to think “how sad.”

Here is a woman that rocked the royal family, they said she was a tinker, beneath the station of princess.  But, she went on to write books, be a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and appeared to be an all around decent person.  I used to think that she really showed them and now I see she just proved them right.  How awful.

It  happens a lot to people in the public eye or celebrities, they don’t know how to adapt when the spotlight moves on to another target.  Fergie (that’s right Sarah is the original Fergie) is apparently out of money and a chronic spender, still wanting to live as a princess.  Clearly, she never really moved on, got her house in order as they say,  and has now made a complete fool out of herself and her daughters.  I’m not too concerned with the royal family as they seem to do a pretty good job of making fools out of themselves.  It’s a shame because watching her sitting on that couch, smoking a cigarette and talking like a mob underling just shows that people have to adapt to changes in their lives, or they self destruct.  I’m hoping she can pick herself up from this scandal too, but selling access to a human being is pretty…yeah, that’s pretty bad.

One of my favorite snacks is Nibbler pretzels and Diet Dr. Pepper.  I have this thing where I put two pretzels in my mouth and then drink a sip of Diet Dr. Pepper. Together they make a yummy, salty, sweet, fizzy thing that I really like.  There have been times when I’ve gone to have my snack and the store is out of Diet Dr. Pepper or they have the twisty pretzels, but not the Nibblers.

Once I tried it with water and it was just salty, but not bad.  The twisty pretzels will work, but they are a little too salty and not as fun when the Diet Dr. Pepper makes them mushy, but it’s still good. Sometimes things don’t always fall into place at snack time, but I make do.

Someday they may discontinue Nibblers or change the formula of Diet Dr. Pepper and I will have to move on and find a different yummy snack.  I thought that’s what Fergie had done.  Moved on and found a new yummy life for herself.  Apparently I was wrong and I’m sad for her.  My thoughts from the laundry room.

There’s Really No Difference Between 400 Thread Count and 800 Thread Count Sheets!

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  1. this is crazy good! i love this. keep it coming. more random the betta! mo betta yeah! i definitely stand with you about having only 1 fergie. come on fergie poser!

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