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Mismatched Socks

There are times, fortunately not often, but times none the less when I am overwhelmed with sadness.  Days or moments when the world seems unfair.  I used to be a very optimistic person, naive and optimistic, but now I find that I am learning to expect nothing and that bad things happen.  Even now the…

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More Whitest Whites

I wanted to write a little more about my fabulous week in Oysterville. We rented this little house (The Oysterville Guesthouse) that was stocked with everything you would need for a week of hanging out. The house had a full kitchen (including oyster shuckers…more about shucking later), board games, great books on Oysterville, and one…

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Sorting it Out

This is my very first blog entry and I must say a place for me to ramble my thoughts has been a long time coming. It is my intention that this blog will be my place to reflect on the world and often times my little corner. I have three amazing children and while a…

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