More Whitest Whites

I wanted to write a little more about my fabulous week in Oysterville.

We rented this little house (The Oysterville Guesthouse) that was stocked with everything you would need for a week of hanging out. The house had a full kitchen (including oyster shuckers…more about shucking later), board games, great books on Oysterville, and one very cool Lawrence Welk CD. I had never heard Lawrence Welk before and while I would probably never put it on my iPod, we listened to it all week, it was such a surprise. I love those things.

I went to London a while ago with Michael for our 10 year wedding anniversary and the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Chelsea had James Bond VHS Tapes. We watched one every night. I had never seen James Bond either. I love surprises that lead to things you would not normally do at home.

Anyway, the house was great with a table big enough for all of us. We spent every night playing cards or a board game. We ate Ben and Jerry’s (never do that at home) and made hot chocolate. Great Fun!!

It rained every day we were there and some of the locals upon hearing that we were from out of town commented that they wished there was better weather. We replied that we were from Phoenix, Arizona and when we left it was 104 degrees, so we did not mind the rain one bit.

We bought our groceries at Jack’s Country Store and also picked up a couple of slickers (raincoats, windbreakers, etc.). We went Salmon fishing in the pouring rain (this experience will be a whole other post).

There was not a dishwasher in the house and all of a sudden doing dishes turned into something enjoyable.

I felt like I could breathe. Not a shallow rushing to work or working on a project breath, a deep clean breath.

Everything was so simple and real. I felt as if life had been put on pause and for a moment our entire family was invisible. No one needed us, no one was expecting us, there were no appointments to keep. It was amazing!!

I highly recommend Oysterville or any place of your choosing where you can be invisible, if only for a few days.

That is all from the laundry room for tonight.

Sleep Well!

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  1. Just curious…we are thinking of buying the Oysterville Store and Post Office and incorporating a deli for sandwiches and espresso. Fresh, made-to-order for people to pick up on the way to the beach or the bay. We would definatley keep the integrity of the country store appeal. Would that have been something that would have appealed to you while you were there? Any other thoughts?

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